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  • Pro-Series DFC-9026

    Pro-Series DFC-9026

    REG $60.00 NOW $30.00

    28 Tails to coconut palms, crackling and strobing bombettes

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  • Show In A Box Yellow

    Show In A Box Yellow

    REG $55.00 NOW $41.25

    Show In A Box - Three multishot cakes mounted and fused together. 4 Shots of silver spinners, 5 Shots of floral bursts, 9 Shots of crackling tails to crackling floral bursts, 9 Shots of silver swirling spinners.

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  • Detonator


    REG $78.00 NOW $39.00

    A large multi-shot cake with 100 comets exploding to crackling flowers

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  • Mega Kraken

    Mega Kraken

    REG $104.50 NOW $36.50

    7 Large powerful shots of bright red go-getters followed by an explosion of multicoloured and crackling stars, a barrage of screaming hummers, a bombard of colour peonies, a bombard of golden wave flowers and a mine burst of yellow glittering chrysanthemums ending with a multicoloured mine burst and a whistling comet to a loud report.

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  • Air Bomb (24-Pack)

    Air Bomb


    REG $42.00 NOW $21.00

    A very loud Aerial Detonation at 35 feet!

    24 Pieces

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36 Shots of coloured tails bursting to coloured waves  ..

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$39.75 $53.00



36 Large red, blue and green peonies with loud crackling..

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$34.90 $46.50

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

25 Shots of large sea blue palm trees..

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$26.25 $35.00



25 Shots of colourful tails to brocade waves with red, green..

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$33.75 $45.00


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