Toronto Fireworks Promotions & Specials


Toronto Fireworks

Victory Fireworks offers the largest selection of
consumer fireworks at Canada's best prices.

All of our items are discounted off true MSR prices.
Also check out our 'Bulk Deals' for quantity specials.

Free Air Bomb


Air Bomb
Receive a free 'Air Bomb' with a minimum purchase of $20

(You must purchase Air bomb before you apply the coupon)


Coupon Code:  VIC1801

In-store Only - 50% Off Promotion

For every $100 you spend
 (Before Taxes) purchase any individual
item for half the suggested retail price
(In-store Promotion Only)

Huge savings on selected Multi-Shot Cakes

Multi-Shot Cakes

Crackling Cascade     $20.00    $10.00
Land Mine     $37.00    $13.00
  Annihilator     $48.00   $24.00
   Fighting Spirit     $60.00   $21.00
  Alabama Slammer    $84.00   $29.00

Comets, Mines, Shells & Fountains

Comets, Mines, Shells 
Weeping Willow        $14.00   $7.00


PayDay    $15.00   $11.25

Glow Products - A sparkler alternative

Glow Products

Necklaces (Tube of 50)     $30.00
Braclets (Tube of 100)     $15.00
Sticks (Box of 50)          $40.00

Available in assorted colours

Additional Savings on Mean Streak

logoMean Streak
Purchase 'Mean Streak'  and receive an
additional $16.75 discount (with a minimum   
purchase of $200).   
(You must purchase Mean Streak before you apply the coupon) 

Coupon Code:  VIC1802

Victory Exclusive Assortments are 25% OFF!

All Victory Exclusive Assortments are discounted by 25%

All kits offer a great selection!

View Packages!

Great deals on selected Barrages


Ballistic     $42.00    $21.00 

Night Creeper   $45.00    $33.75


Roman Candles & Noise Makers

 Roman Candles & Novelties
Screaming Banshee     $6.60     $ 5.00
Crazy Crackler      $10.00     $ 7.50
Noise Makers
24 Air Bomb Pack   $42.00  $21.00

Bulk deals on Sparklers


36cm (14") Sparkler    (8-Pack)        $2.60     $1.95
36cm (14") Sparkler    (96-Pack)      $31.20    $19.50

70cm (28") Sparkler    (8-Pack)        $6.40     $4.80
70cm (28") Sparkler    (96-Pack)      $76.80    $48.00