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Canada's Best Fireworks

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    Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario Canada

    Victory Fireworks is Canada’s leading retailer and wholesaler of top quality fireworks at the best possible prices, factory direct to you everyday through our showroom and online store...
    Victory Fireworks - Canada's Best Fireworks
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    Monday - Saturday  10am - 5pm
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    We offer retail fireworks at wholesale prices for Canada.  We are Canada’s largest fireworks retailer and wholesaler, so if you are looking for the best possible pricing on fireworks and related products you have come to the right place.

    With our online shopping we offer shipping anywhere throughout Canada.  If your order is over $200 (before taxes) we pay for the shipping.  (Beyond Destination charges may apply in some cases).   Shipping costs on all other orders is $60 plus taxes.

    Victory Fireworks Inc., carries an extensive selection of today’s best fireworks and Fireworks wholesale. We sell our Fireworks Products in Fireworks Toronto, Fireworks Ontario, or anywhere in Fireworks Canada.

    We are located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Richmond Hill, and supply many people across Canada.

    Fireworks Sales Toronto Ontario - Canada

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    Monday - Saturday 10am - 5 pm

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    Mystical Fireworks

    Mystical Fireworks

    Our classlic line has become the largest fireworks line in the industry, taking advantage of all the latest pyro technologies. Make your celebrations memorable with Mystical Fireworks!

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    91 Shot Kaleidoscope

    91 Shots of blue, yellow, green and red stars

    $27.00  $20.25

    Angel Wings

    91 Shots of brilliant gold stars with snow flakes.

    $28.00  $21.00

    Whirly Bird

    30 Green stars that spin and buzz

    $29.00  $21.75

    Wild Heart

     35 Red tails to large silver chrysanthemums  

    $41.75  $31.35

    Silver Spinning Flowers

    35 Tails to silver spinning flowers  

    $41.75  $31.35

    Gattling Gun

    56 Coloured tails to coloured bursts with crackling

    $41.75  $31.35

    Whistling Mini Air Bomb (6 pack)

    A miniature style air bomb
    A whistle to a bang

    $4.00  $3.00

    Whistling Mini-Air Bomb (Brick of 144)

    A Brick of 144 pieces of Mini-Air Bombs

    $96.00  $60.00

    Sky Rocket 3-Stage (12 pack)

    3 Whistles to a bang
    12 items per package

    $5.50  $4.15

    Sky Rocket 3-Stage (Brick of 144)

    A Brick of 144 pieces of 3-stage Sky Rockets

    $66.00  $41.50

    Powder Keg Fountain

    Silver crackling spray with coloured pistils

    $5.25  $3.95

    Hot Tamali

    10 Crackling Stars  

    $5.25  $3.95

    Missile Battery

    25 Darting silver tailed whistling missiles 

    $7.00  $5.25

    Mini Menace

    7 Shots of silver strobing stars and silver time rain

    $9.45  $7.10

    Maple Madness

    12 Coloured tails that burst to white strobes, willows and coloured stars

    $16.50  $12.40

    Crazy Canuck

    16 Shots of coloured tails with couloured bursts and strobing stars

    $19.75  $14.85

    Staff Picks

    Bahama Mama Plus

    19 Shots of silver tails to coloured palms with kamuros and bangs

    $40.00  $30.00


    29 Shots of colourful crackling tails to chrysanthemums, coloured coconuts, strobing, willows and crowns

    $62.00  $46.50

    Baby Beast

    25 Shots of coloured tails to crackling, flashing chrysanthemums

    $50.00  $37.50

    Royal Brocade

    19 shots of gold tails to brocade bursts and coloured stars

    $32.50  $24.40

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