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Fireworks Fountains spray up in the air from the ground and give the effect of a reversed waterfall.

Even though fountains are all similar in nature,  they also offer many different visual effects.  

Some fountains are very colourful while others produce loud whistles, crackling stars, or glittering streams. 
Fountains require less space than most items with a maximum height of 15 feet.  They can be placed closer to your audience.

It is always nice to start a display with a fountain or if you have a younger crowd, fountains are always a favourite.

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Fountain Pack

An assortment hand picked by Victory Fireworks featuring all low level fountains.

$100.00  $75.00

Cotton Candy (fountain)

A spray of pink stars to a height of 3m.


Cotton Candy (4 pack)

A four pack of Cotton Candy fountain.


$12.00  $10.00

Heavenly Fountain

A white flashing spray.


Heavenly Fountain (4 pack)

A white flashing spray.
A four pack of Heavenly fountain.

$12.00  $10.00

Powerhouse Cone (1 Only)

Assorted miniature cones.
One of Sapphire Sparkle, Snow Cone or Sun Fountain.

$4.00  $3.00

Powerhouse Cone (12 Pack)

12 miniature cones.  4 Each of .....
Sapphire Sparkle, Snow Cone, Sun Fountain

$48.00  $30.00

Powerhouse Cone (24 Pack)

24 miniature cones.  8 Each of ...
Sapphire Sparkle, Snow Cone, Sun Fountain.

$96.00  $48.00

Jet Stream

A fountain with green stars.

$4.30  $3.25

Diamond Burst

A white flashing fountain.

$6.50  $4.90

Keg Fountain

Silver crackling spray with coloured pistils.

$7.00  $5.25

Sky Bloom

A spray with crackling stars and chrysanthemums.

$7.00  $5.25

Solar Flare

A gold flashing fountain.

$9.00  $6.75

Sapphire Showers

A red flame with blue and white spraying fountain.

$9.00  $6.75

Sterling Silver

A red fountain spray with silver chrysanthemums and crackling.

$9.00  $6.75

Blue Pine

A spray with blue, red and green stars.

$9.00  $6.75

Inferno Dragon

Silver fountain with red pistil.

$14.00  $10.50

Magical Fountain

Long lasting silver spray.

$14.00  $10.50

Canada Fountain

A fountain with coloured stars, crackling and strobing.

$15.00  $11.25

Electric Storm

A long lasting fountain spray with whistles.

$21.00  $15.75

Angel Wings Fountain

Four large angled silver fountains.

$44.00  $33.00


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