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Mortars are single-shot, but very spectacular items. They produce varying effects such as large floral bursts, flying fish, streaking comets, and vibrant colour mines.

Comets are large streaking fireballs shooting through the air, sometimes having a crackling or glittering tail.

Mines are a single shot, colourful explosion at the ground that sprays up into the sky.  Some shoot as high as 120 feet. Others may have loud whistles, crackling stars, popping flowers or loud detonations.

Shells shoot a single shot up in the sky producing a large floral burst. They vary in colour, height and size. Some shells are colour-changing, while others have crackling stars, flying fish, loud detonations, or long-lasting willows.

A general rule of thumb is to use 3 to 4 plastic base items for every one Roman candle or barrage used. Where the barrage provides duration, the plastic base item wows the audience with more spectacular effects.

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Golden Blue Peony

Exploding blue peony with gold flashing stars.

$4.50  $3.40

Purple Rain

Exploding purple peony with gold flashing stars.

$4.50  $3.40

Red Palm

Exploding red palm with crackling stars.

$4.50  $3.40

Green Monster

A single shot of a green coloured mine.

$4.50  $3.40

Cosmic Rain

A yellow tail to a crackling peony burst.

$5.00  $3.75

Electric Rainbow

A green tail to a coloured crackling peony burst.

$5.00  $3.75

Crackle Power

A crackling tail to a crackling peony burst.

$5.00  $3.75

Dragon Fire

A rising red comet.

$5.80  $4.35

Pink Flower

A pink floral burst.

$8.00  $6.00

Blue Flower

A blue floral burst.

$8.00  $6.00

Colourful Flower

Colourful floral burst.

$8.00  $6.00

Time Rain

Crackling floral burst.

$8.00  $6.00

Blue Dolphin

Crackling willow with blue stars.

$8.00  $6.00

Colourful Flying Fish

A burst of coloured stars to silver flying fish.

$8.00  $6.00

Colour Peony

A coloured floral burst with a bang.  

$8.00  $6.00

Red Peony

A streaking red tail to a red burst and a bang.

$8.00  $6.00

Gold Willow to Blue

A large burst of golden willow to blue stars.

$9.00  $6.75

Purple and Green Glitter

A large purple burst with green glittering stars.

$9.00  $6.75


A purple tail to purple wave.

$12.00  $9.00

Sapphire Knight

A large blue and green floral burst.

$18.00  $13.50

Golden Rain Willow

A large golden willow floral burst.

$18.00  $13.50


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