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NEW for 2024

Every year we add many new items to our lineup.

This year we have more great new items including many muiltishot cakes and single shot mortars.

New Fireworks

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Fountain Pack

An assortment hand picked by Victory Fireworks featuring all low level fountains.

$99.50  $75.00

Strobing Ruby

12 Golden tails to purple dahlias with red glittering stars

$25.00  $18.75

Sizzling Thunder

7 Tails bursting to time rain willows & green glowing stars

$35.00  $26.25

Island Paradise

7 Gold tails to gigantic golden palms

$35.00  $26.25

Colorful Wintersweet

24 Gold tails to red & green wintersweet and time rain willows

$50.00  $37.50


27 Gold tails to coloured and white glittering bursts

$56.00  $42.00

Palms with Points

27 gold tails to gold wave palms with colour

$56.00  $42.00


35 Shots of comets to strobing mines, tails to palms and chrysanthemums.

$67.00  $50.25

Space Arrow

30 Shots of comets, colour bursts, willows and glittering stars.

$70.00  $52.50

BEM Ultimate Finale

34 Gold tails to coloured and glittering bursts and brocade crowns.

$70.00  $52.50

Split Comets

36 Shots of coloured crossettes and time rain comets.

$100.00  $75.00


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