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Powerhouse Premium Line

Powerhouse Fireworks is a premium fireworks line manufactured in China specifically for Victory Fireworks. Our unique line consists of over 80 top-quality items ranging from fountains, candles, mines, shells, and many multi-shot cakes.  Our Powerhouse line is of premium quality with many dazzling and amazing effects.

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Side Winder

24 Shots of red comets, crackling comets and spinning whistlers.

$12.50  $9.40

Flying Fish

7 Shots of red tails to silver flying fish and red stars.

$18.00  $13.50

Baby Boomers

9 Shots of green tails to coloured crackling peony burst.

$26.00  $19.50

Canadian Salute

9 Shots of alternating red and white chrysanthemum bursts.

$26.00  $19.50

Crackling Cascade

9 Shots of crackling tails to crackling peony bursts.

$26.00  $19.50

Golden Willow

9 Shots of large golden willows.

$26.00  $19.50

Merlin's Magic

9 Shots of yellow tails to crackling peony bursts.

$26.00  $19.50

Spinning Rage

4 Shots of silver spinners and 5 shots of large floral bursts.

$26.00  $19.50

Swirling Pinwheel

9 Shots of silver spinners.

$26.00  $19.50

Trouble Maker

5 Shots of white flashing bursts and 4 shots of blue palms.

$26.00  $19.50

Screaming Phantom

12 Shots of shrieking whistles with spinning silver tails.

$26.00  $19.50

Cork Screw

9 Shots of floral bursts and silver spinners.
A premium Powerhouse pro-series cake.

$26.00  $19.50

Black Mamba

9 Shots of blue palms and white flashing stars.
A premium Powerhouse pro-series cake.

$26.00  $19.50

Wide Load

15 Shots of large red and green peonies.

$32.00  $24.00

Crackling Fire

15 Shots of time rain.

$32.00  $24.00


16 Shots of white tails to red bursts and green tails to green bursts.

$35.00  $26.25

Blue Bayou

16 Shots of red tails to blue bursts, kamuros and crackling.

$35.00  $17.50

Freak Out

8 Shots of red tails to silver chrysanthemums and 8 shots of green tails to gold chrysanthemums.

$40.00  $30.00

Blue Hawaii

25 Shots of large sea blue palm trees.

$45.00  $33.75

Bahama Mama Plus

19 Shots of silver tails to coloured palms with kamuros and bangs.

$50.00  $37.50


19 Shots of large coloured palms with loud breaks.
A premium Powerhouse pro-series cake.

$50.00  $37.50

Canadian Pride

25 Shots of red and white twinkling bursts.

$62.00  $46.50

Baby Beast

25 Shots of coloured tails to crackling, flashing chrysanthemums.

$62.00  $46.50

Ace Of Spades

23 Shots of orange tails, willows and crackling bursts.

$65.00  $32.50


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